The Beauty Of Unfinished Art | Unfinished Sketch Collection 2

Here’s another collection of my unfinished sketches. I did attempt to make some of these into short YouTube videos, but compiling them into a post like this works much better. Some of these I did end up finishing which you can view here.

I sketched this around January 2021. This is concept art for a dystopian science fiction novel I was working on at the time (yup, I write stuff. Click here to see some of it.) This is the main character, Kayla Dawson, sitting on a trash heap in a WALL-E-esque future Earth, looking up and admiring the stars. I eventually put this WIP on hold to pursue other writing whims, and so sadly I don’t have much more concept art than this.

Shortly after watching The Mandalorian for the first time, I thought I’d kill my hands by colouring the adorable baby Yoda, AKA Grogu. Hands were efficiently throbbing by the end of this one and you can view the complete artwork here.

Another iconic character, The Joker.

This is the first time I attempted to combine coloured pencils with graphite ones. I couldn’t draw Joker without his iconic red smile, but didn’t dare commit to a full coloured drawing, so that’s when I decided, hey, why not do both? I did finish this one too. And this wasn’t the last time I used this technique. You can see a much better result of it here.

One of the reasons I started filming my drawings was because I love seeing the progress. Before I filmed, I constantly snapped photos of what I was doing. I was also worried that I would ‘ruin’ the drawing at some point during the process, so at least I had photographic evidence of when things were ‘going good.’

This is my favourite Star Trek character, Elim Garak. …or, at least, what I attempted of him. Yes, I ruined him mid-drawing. This is what we’re left with. Mister Garak, I am terribly sorry.

This would have been a drawing of the final scene in the game The Beginner’s Guide, an absolutely gorgeous, existential experience.

At the end of the game, the player enters the Whisper Machine and rises up, up through the ceiling and into a vast sky of stars peaking around a sunset. Below is an impossibly large maze, representing all the turmoil that came before. Don’t let my barely touched sketch fool you: It’s such an amazing moment.

This is more concept art for another science fiction writing project. This would have been the final moment in the story, a intimate, platonic hand-hold between two old friends – one of those being an android. You can see the completed drawing here.

Finally, to finish off 2021’s unfinished sketches is this cute little bumblebee. My reference for this was a photo I took myself. Personally, I really love what I did with the wings here. Now, imagine them with a touch of varnish or PVA. Just… *chef’s kiss.

That’s all for now. I hope this inspired you to appreciate your unfinished work a little more.

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