Art YouTubers! Use One Piece For Multiple Videos

Being an artist on YouTube is a special kind of personal torture. YouTube rewards regular uploads, but completing even a half decent work of art is not something that can be achieved daily or, most times, weekly. To do such a thing weekly means you must have a ton of free time, never have a bad drawing (I have plenty), all while leaving yourself time to edit the videos together.

I’ve been told making videos in bulk and then scheduling them is the best way to go about it – the best way to go about any kind of weekly social media update, really. It’s not always easy.

Recently, I decided to do a little cheat and make three videos from one painting. The first video was my Fixing An Art Mistake video, which starred a less than flattering pencil and water colour of the Mandalorian. Later, I uploaded the full time lapse of that. The third video was of Bioshock character, Subject Delta, who happened to be a feature in this painting too.

Viola! Three videos with one art piece.

Believe it or not though, I didn’t actually do this for clicks. Bioshock is literally 15 years old and no one is talking about the Mandalorian at the moment, so these videos don’t exactly scream ideal content. I did it because it amused me. The drawing was a dumb little crossover fan art of two dads in armour with their supernatural adopted children, and literally no one cares about this parallel except for me. The videos were just supposed to add to the fun of it, that’s all.

Regardless, it might be a good technique to try if I want to keep feeding the YouTube algorithm. I might give it another bash, this time with a more serious ‘YT business’ approach or whatever the cool kids are calling it.

I don’t envy other YouTubers for the amount of work they had to put into their channels. I can’t see myself making any kind of money off of YouTube, or on this blog or my other one for that matter. As of now, YouTube is something I’m going for fun. How long it lasts or where it goes is a complete mystery to me.

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