Did I Fix This Ruined Drawing?

I’m working on some Mandalorian fan art right now (Yes, again, shoot me) and I had a bit of a mishap with some water colour. Essentially, I applied water colour and it looked really bad and I nearly threw the artwork, the sketchbook, and my paints in the bin. The only reason I didn’t is because my Encanto fan art was on the back and I actually like that one. A classic artist conundrum if I’ve ever seen one.

Messing up is pretty much inevitable since I don’t know what I’m doing.. *ahem* buuut I decided to push on and keep going. And it’s the perseverance that counts right? Art is about not giving up on your dreams or something.

Anyway, this piece is still largely a WIP and I’ll let you know in, uh, a million years whether it actually ended up any good or not.